At WFP Fabrications we provide a full range of chain lift skips, from standard to heavy duty. They’ll be primed and painted in up to two colours of your choice with welded asset numbers of your choice and all come with our unique tipping bars that are strengthened to prolong the life of your skip. Drop doors are available in 4, 6 and 8 yard skips.

A key feature of the drop door skips is the safety catch to comply with Health & Safety.


Sizes 2 yard, 4 yard, 5 yard, 8 yard, 10 yard, 12 yard, 16 yard, 18 yard

  • 3mm Base
  • 3mm Ends
  • 3mm Sides
  • 76 x 38 RSC single Rail
  • 2 x floor angles
  • Short corner gussets
  • Forged lifting lugs with backing plates
  • 2 x tipping bars OR tipping eyelets
  • Weld-on I.D. number
  • Painted in your choice of colour
  • Reflective Markers to end


  • Fully Welded
  • Full Length corner gussets
  • Drop down Builders door


Sizes 4 yard, 8 yard, 10 yard, 12 yard, 14 yard, 16 yard

  • Available in sizes from 4 Yd to 16 Yd
  • 4mm Base & ends
  • 3mm sides & roof
  • Floor angles
  • Forged lifting lugs with backing plates
  • Steel OR Duraflex® Plastic lids

From sealed loading hatches to walk in personal doors we can alter and design any type of skip to your company needs.

We also manufacture stillages of all sizes with or without fork pockets, lifting eyes and steel lids. These are ideal for sorting waste and non-ferrous metals into separate lots.

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